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You would have already heard “Queen of Hungary Water” is one of the best astringents out there. Did you know it is easy to prepare this wonderful astringent? Read on for the recipe!

Let’s take a look at the ingredients and how to prepare this astringent, before we move on to the goodness of this recipe. Ready, everyone?

There are a few different variations of this recipe, but I am listing the one I liked best here.


Lemon Balm – 6 Parts
Rosemary – 1 Part
Chamomile – 4 Parts
Calendula – 3 Parts
Sage – 1 Part
Rose Petals – 4 Parts
Comfrey – 3 Parts
Elder Flower – 2 Parts
Lemon Peel – 1 Part
Apple Cider Vinegar
Geranium Essential Oil – a few drops
Rose Water



In a glass bottle, add the above given herbs.

Cover the herbs with a generous quantity of ACV. Make sure the herbs are fully submerged in ACV.

Let this mixture sit for 14 – 30 days. Use a spatula to shake up the ingredients while it is seeping, once everyday.

When the seeping is done, filter the liquid using cheesecloth.

Measure the liquid that you get and for every cup of the liquid, add Rose Water about ½ Cup.

Finally, add 2 – 3 drops of Geranium Essential Oil.

Transfer this mixture to a sterilized jar and use as needed!

How to Use Queen of Hungary Water?

Use it right after cleansing your face for best results. I use a cotton bowl or a soft washcloth to apply it over my face.

Why This Recipe?

There are many different astringents you could try. So, you are wondering why this, aren’t you? This is a traditional recipe, which means it has been around for a while and we know it works.

It is mild and also, balances your skin’s pH levels.

It promotes even skin tone, works as an anti-bacterial and eradicates bacteria from skin’s surface and doesn’t leave your skin dry.

It tightens your pores, tones your skin and offers loads of other benefits due to the herbal composition.

It is effective and suitable for all skin types.

It can be used daily and its history dates back to the 1300s!

Last but not the least – your skin will absolutely love this recipe!

Interesting Facts about Queen of Hungary Water

It is considered, as the first alcoholic perfume to have been made, but isn’t a real perfume! It is a tonic that has numerous uses and benefits and was believed to be magical back then!

It is now called Hungary Water and is also the real predecessor of Cologne.

Gypsies used it as a cure-all for their skin.

It is said that the Queen of Hungary consumed this as a tonic everyday for staying young! We all know how that turned out, don’t we? You have lot of information online and probably will make for an interesting reading during your tea time!


As listed above, it is a very good astringent. But, that’s not all.

Queen of Hungary Water can also be used as a hair rinse!

It can improve your skin tone, lighten blemishes and prevent and curb acne outbreaks with regular outbreaks.

You can refrigerate and use it to soothe your skin if you’ve been out in sun for long hours.

Shelf Life

Doesn’t need special care, as it has a really LONG shelf life even at room temperature. It literally stays forever!

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