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Want a subtle lip gloss for your day out? Have you considered an Apricot shade?

If the “nude” makeup bug bit you, you will love this apricot lip gloss. It is a subtle way to get shinning and luscious lips, with a hint of golden shimmer.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients first, shall we?


Castor Oil – 15 Ml
Beeswax – 1 Tsp.
Avocado Oil – 2 Tsp.
Cocoa Butter – ½ Tsp.
Peach Gold Mica Powder – a pinch
Satin Beige Mica Powder – a pinch
Silver Mica Powder – a pinch
Salmon Mica Powder – a pinch
Copper Mica Powder – a pinch


In a mixing bowl, combine the mica powders – I recommend doing this only if you have an idea of the quantity of color pigments, or don’t mind doing alterations if needed! Alternatively, you can add the color pigments later, if this is the first time you are trying!

Once you mix the mica powders thoroughly using a spatula, add the Castor Oil and Avocado Oil into the bowl. Mix well so there are no streaks of color – until the colors mix well evenly.

In a double boiler, melt the Beeswax and Cocoa Butter till fully melted.

Now, add the oil and mica mixture into the melted butter and wax mixture and stir to combine.

Remove from heat and when fully blended, transfer to a sterilized lip gloss dispenser.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

Depending on the quantity and quality of the beeswax, you could get a creamy texture. If the texture is creamy, you can add more oil and mica powders to get the right shade and the trademark gloss (liquid-ish) texture.

You can use any carrier oil you like, including Coconut Oil, but Castor Oil’s viscosity is ideal for lip gloss.

You can use less or more Beeswax, to suit the texture you are looking at.

Mica powders add a nice shimmer to the gloss. If you don’t want that, go with Iron Oxide pigments.

How to Use this Lip Gloss?

Just like any other lip gloss 😉 It goes well for both night outs, or day outings. You can combine it with a pale eye shadow and bronzer, if you are heading out during the day. Night outing? Team it up with a smoky eye makeup and dark eyeliner!

Why These Ingredients?

I wanted a lip gloss that’s nourishing, protective and also, keeps the lips from drying out. The ingredients added form a protective layer on your lips, nourish and soothe it, keeping it from drying out.

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