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Anti Ageing Serums cost a fortune and still, not many give us the desired results. If there’s one beauty product you can make yourself with better results and nil chemicals, Serum will top the list!

We all know, when we hit closer to 30, we become very conscious about our skin’s changes. Anti-ageing regimen is started during late twenties by some! If you look at the different anti-ageing products that you have, or the counters of stores you visit, serums probably cost the most.

What if you can prepare a serum that not only delays skin signs, but also keeps your skin healthy and doesn’t include any chemicals? That was my goal when I begin preparing this recipe. I also wanted something that’s suitable for Oily Skin, being acne-prone. That’s how I can up with this oil-free version, so those with combination or oily or acne-prone can use it without any repercussions. Let’s get to it, shall we?


Ascorbic Acid Powder – 1 Tsp.
Glycerin – ¼ Cup
Distilled Water – 4 – 6 Tsps.


In a mixing bowl, add the Ascorbic Acid Powder and enough Distilled Water to dissolve it.

Once dissolved, add the Glycerin and mix with a spatula to combine the ingredients.

When done, transfer to a sterilized amber glass bottle and refrigerate.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

You can use just Distilled Water and Ascorbic Acid Powder alone, without Glycerin. If you want to do that, add more Distilled Water – including the quantity given for Glycerin.

You can use Normal Water (boiled / filtered) though Distilled Water gives a longer shelf life.

You can add Rose Water instead of or along with Glycerin – it will add a nice aroma and also offers a lot of benefits. Rose Water acts as a toner and comes in handy if you have oily skin or acne prone skin. Besides, it also offers anti-ageing benefits.

Shelf Life

The version with Ascorbic Acid and Water will last for 2 weeks, or about a month if refrigerated.

If you add Glycerin it lasts a month, or about 1.5 – 2 Months if refrigerated.

Why These Ingredients

Ascorbic Acid

Don’t let this name fool you! Ascorbic Acid is nothing but Vitamin C. Vitamin Cis a powerful, water-soluble antioxidant that is found in foodstuffs including fruits and veggies. It its natural and plays a key role in delaying ageing skin signs by boosting collagen production and regeneration of skin. Though it is found in all our three layers of skin, it is predominantly found in Dermis and Epidermis Layers. However, this is depleted when skin is exposed to UV rays, so supplying the lost Vitamin C helps in skin regeneration.

Vitamin C helps improve collagen production, helps with skin regeneration and repair, combats adverse effects of sun exposure on the skin and keeps your skin glowing and youthful. What’s not to like about it? Just be careful about the measurements when using Ascorbic Acid and reduce the quantity if you have sensitive skin. It is a good idea to do a patch test to see your skin’s sensitivity or acceptance levels and then decide the ratio.


Glycerin not only extends the shelf life of this recipe, it is also a moisturizer and keeps your skin soft and moisturized.

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