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Sun protection is very important for everyone. Summer or winter, sunscreen is a must. Here’s a simple sunscreen recipe you can try.

Basically, I wanted a sunscreen that’s mild and mostly for using when am susceptible to sun exposure but not much – like when am inside a car without tinted glasses, inside an office with large windows or even outside during mornings or evenings.

I wanted a recipe that will still protect my skin, but I did not want to apply something strong or heavy during these times. I was looking for a recipe that’s easy to prepare and will hold me during the times when sun exposure is minimal – moderate.

That’s how I came up with this recipe and have had good results. I also like that it is soothing. Want to try this recipe?


Aloe Vera Gel – 4 Tbsp.
Soya Bean Oil – 1 Tbsp.
Sandal Wood Oil – 10 Drops
Carrot Seed Essential Oil – 5 Drops
Wheat Germ Oil – 10 Drops
Vitamin E Oil – 3 – 5 Drops


Melt the Aloe Vera Gel in your double boiler along with Avocado Oil.

When fully melted remove from heat and set aside.

Add the Essential Oils, Vitamin E Oil and Wheat Germ Oil and stir gently.

Transfer to a sterilized container.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

I usually whisk the ingredients using my hand blender and use it.

Sometimes the ingredients tend to separate. So, if you want, you can use Aloe Juice instead of gel and add the other ingredients and use this like a spritzer. I prefer applying, so kept it in a gel-like consistency.

You can also add Lavender Essential Oil to this recipe – it is soothing and gentle. I also like the smell.

If you want to enhance the shelf life without adding Vitamin E Oil, swap the Wheat Germ Oil for Raspberry Seed Oil. It has an SPF rating of 30.

Why These Ingredients?

All the ingredients listed above protect skin from UV rays. I did not include Shea Butter or Beeswax, because I wanted something like a gel, or cream and not stick. Will add more recipes including Matte Sunscreen soon, so you can choose what works for you best.

As for the current ingredients, let’s look at the SPF:

Aloe Vera – 20 SPF
Soy Bean Oil – 10 SPF
Carrot Seed Essential Oil – 38 – 40 SPF
Sandalwood Oil –30 SPF
Wheat Germ Oil – 20 SPF


Basically, all the ingredients are good SPF rating. Though Aloe Vera isn’t really known for its sun protection abilities and more for its soothing and healing properties, it does offer protection from sun. It also soothes sun burnt skin!

I also like that it is easy to wash off. Vitamin E Oil is more to keep the Wheat Germ Oil in tact, more than anything else. But since this is a smaller batch, it isn’t needed. If you are preparing larger batches, it is a must if you use Wheat Germ Oil.

How to Use this Sunscreen?

Just massage this gently to your skin right after cleansing, and at least 15 minutes before heading out.

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