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We were seeing the benefits of Olive Oil recently. Here’s more about Olive Oil and why it is good for your skin. Do you know adding Olive Oil to Salt, Sugar or ground coffee, etc. can make the scrub soothing? Sometimes, after a scrub your skin can feel dry. By adding Olive Oil you can […] Read More

We’ve decided to cover best skincare ingredients for healthier, soft and supple skin. Today, we’re going to see about Olive Oil. Extracted from the Olive Fruit, Olive Oil has become quite popular and preferred for the rich Omega Fatty Acids and other benefits it has to offer. Besides, Olive Oil is among the few ingredients […] Read More

Want to know what Anti-Ageing tips really work? There are myriads of tips out there, some strange, some simple, some difficult. But do they all work? We’ve already seen a few Uncommon but Effective Anti-Ageing Tips that work in our last post here. Here’s the next part to add to that list. While this looks […] Read More

Do you want to know uncommon but effective Anti-Ageing tips that can delay ageing skin signs? There are different practices around the world and not everyone can know all of them. But some are more effective that others. Here are few tips that have worked wonders to delay ageing skin signs, and can be incorporated […] Read More

Everyone wants to look young. Ageing gracefully is a reality and you have to do simple lifestyle changes to achieve it. Want to know more? We have all admired people who look younger than their age, especially when it is natural. Don’t we? Of course, we know it is done with a dose of Botox […] Read More

Dry or chapped lips can be uncomfortable, painful and often, embarrassing. Do you know you don’t need pricey lip care products for dealing with dry and chapped lips? Let’s take a look at a few options to deal with dry and chapped lips, naturally. Our body is made of 70% of water, a reason consuming […] Read More

Getting something right with sensitive skin can seem tricky, but don’t panic. The key is giving it TLC – Tender Loving Care. Wondering how? The term Sensitive Skin isn’t a technical term, rather, an umbrella term that denotes skin that's easily aggravated or irritated. It is important to understand that Sensitive Skin is usually dry, […] Read More

We've been talking about home remedies for treating dry skin. Let's take a look at few more natural remedies for treating dry skin, shall we? In a cup, combine 2 Tsp. Olive Oil, 10 Tsp. Aloe Vera Gel and 1 Tsp. Glycerin. Combine these ingredients and use them on the affected area regularly to keep […] Read More

Dry skin is not only dull and lifeless; it can cause itching or parched skin, leading to infection. A few simple measures can go a long way in keeping dry skin nourished and moisturized. Want to know how? Wondering if your skin is dry or not? Dry skin can be easily determined if you take […] Read More

Oily skin? There are ways to deal with oily skin, without you looking greasy or sporting acne or blackheads. Let’s take a look, shall we? Troubles due to oily skin are a given! Do you know what are the advantages? Oily skin ages slower than other skin types. That’s a bonus in more ways than […] Read More