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Want to know more about sprucing yourself up during winter? During winter, skin tends to get dry easily and is often parched even with best care and precautions. So, going with makeup to combat such issues and ensuring bright and flawless look is tricky but not impossible. It is also a good idea to camouflage […] Read More

Winter is around the corner. Long chilly days will mean, a twist in your makeup and skincare routine. Here are few tips to look gorgeous throughout the winter! Come winter, skin can be left flaky, dry and often, lusterless. But the good news is that – you can look impeccable with a few simple changes […] Read More

In this series, we will be looking more about applying makeup the right way, what to use and how, etc. We all use makeup from time to time. The intensity or frequency of use varies, but almost all of us use one makeup product or the other. Today, we’re going to look Mineral Makeup, considering […] Read More

We’re looking at makeup hacks and tricks everyone must know. Along those lines, here’s more to add to your haul! Forgot to buy eyeliner and you’ve run out of the old one? No worries! Have Mascara? Let it do double duty ;) Just line your upper lashes with a liner brush and voila, you’re all […] Read More

We all use makeup, but some tricks really make things easier. So, here are few tricks and hacks everyone must know! Do you know you can fill your brows with your eye shadow? Just groom your brows and then, use an angled brush to apply the eye shadow on your brows. Groom with a spoolie […] Read More