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Come summer, suntan becomes a problem for many. Here’s a natural DIY Sunscreen that helps protect your skin when you have to head out. Sun isn’t always bad. After all, we get the much-needed Vitamin D, popularly dubbed as Sunlight Vitamin from the sun. Exposure to sun during early mornings and early evenings is an […] Read More

Toner plays many roles and one of the key components to your skin health. Wondering why a toner is really needed? Let’s know more about it, shall we? Let’s start with what’s a toner! Toner contains active ingredients that gets rid of skin debris, repairs and soothes skin, makes skin surface smooth among other things, […] Read More

Come summer, heat wave and heat rash are problems we all resent. Don’t we? Here’s a way to deal with prickly heat rash – with a dash of Cinnamon! The best part about having normal skin is that, you can almost try anything and everything without worrying about repercussions! So if you don’t have sensitive […] Read More

Prickly Heat Rash is a common problem during summer. Is there a way to deal with it the natural way? Yes, using a Prickly Heat Powder one can bring down prickly heat rash otherwise referred as heat rash. Did you think buying the powder is the only way? Nope, there are few ways to make […] Read More

A drawing salve is used for many purposes, including healing minor scraps and burns, to acne. The idea is to get toxins, read draw out toxins, from the body. The drawing salve is usually black and also called the Black Salve. There are different versions and variations for this recipe. Here, we would be looking […] Read More

Sometimes, our lips need tender loving care. Lip butters pamper, nourish and moisturize your lips, so they can be soft and kissable. Lip butters are like your lip balms with added flavor or color, though they often resemble a whipped cream consistency. They’re extremely nourishing and moisturizing and make your lips softer, when Oil alone […] Read More

So, bath is supposed to calm and relax and we all know that. That’s why we soak right after a tired day, don’t we? So, I was tired after a hectic day and wanted a bath that will also soothe and calm me. So, I decided to combine Detox and Calming together. Got to do […] Read More

I wanted to have a lotion bar, when I saw one of my friends use it. Basically, the lotion bar is a lotion, in bar form. You rub it over your skin to moisturize you skin. I felt this less messy and easier, and since I don’t share my essentials; I figured I can try […] Read More

Shea Butter is one of the best foods for your skin. Do you know you can prepare an array of recipes using Shea Butter? The best part – it leaves your skin soft and smooth! I got some Shea Butter from one of my best friends this festive season. She knew about my interest for […] Read More

Stretch Marks are caused by extreme weight gain, triggering excessive stretching of skin or new mothers, or those who have undergone rapid weight loss, etc. Irrespective of the reasons, stretch marks are a cause of concern for many. So, I have tried different recipes for getting rid of Stretch Marks. The results were different and […] Read More