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Have you ever used Arnica Cream? Arnica Cream can come in handy for bruises amongst other things, though it can also help with sore muscles, pains and sprains. We can take a look at the ingredients we need and how to prepare the cream first and then, we will learn more about the goodness of […] Read More

Is your skin dry or parched? Do you want to heal bruises, cuts, burns or wounds naturally? There are times when skin remains stubbornly dry, no matter what you do. This happens more during winter, or when I really have a lot of stuff to do with my hands – cleaning, utensils, etc. No matter […] Read More

Want a cream that will soothe your skin’s winter blues and keep it soft and silky? A light and nourishing winter cream, this is easy to prepare and works great. When it’s winter, skin can get really dry and even with a lot of moisturization and precautions, nothing seems to work. Cheeks looks blushed, fines […] Read More

Finding a skincare product that works for you is quite challenging - More so, if you have combination or acne-prone skin. So, here’s a moisturizer that will work wonders for you. Acne problems are common during adolescent, but adult acne isn’t uncommon. With hectic lifestyles, most of us have skin issues. It’s acne, its dryness, […] Read More

Is Eczema making your life difficult? Is itching a making your life difficult? Try this Eczema Body Butter to keep Eczema and Itching at bay! With Eczema, dry and itchy irritated skin is a part of life. However, doesn’t make it easy bearing the brunt of it, young or old. Irrespective of one’s age, Eczema […] Read More

Do you know applying oil before bath is a traditional practice and has been followed in several countries even now? Want to know how you can incorporate this traditional practice and why? Pre-bath oils are used for various purposes. The oil used isn’t plain oils and are often infused with herbs according to the purpose […] Read More

Want a moisturizer that won’t trigger an outbreak, yet keep your skin soft and supple? Having oily or combination skin that’s prone to break-out quite often isn’t fun. Sometimes, it feels like there’s nothing you can do right with your skin. What works one day, might not the other day! After going through cycles like […] Read More

There are many hair removal products in the mark and salons that charge a fortune for waxing. What if you can prepare your own hair removal wax? Yes, Persians have been using homemade wax for centuries! Now you can try it too. Persian wax or sugar wax as it is popularly called, is a tried, […] Read More

Cuticle health is important for healthy nails. Do you want to know what you can do to protect, strengthen and nourish your cuticles? Recently, the skin around nails was looking a tad dry and often chirped and I was tempted to bite them off, so they don’t look bad. However, knowing chewing fingers or using […] Read More

Dr. Galen, a physician from Greece is believed to have invented cold cream. This is the recipe he supposedly used. The cold cream is a fairly thick cream that is meant to soften skin and especially ideal for softening dry and chapped skin around one’s elbows, knees or even dry skin from winter. Do you […] Read More