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With Pumpkin Spice from festive season still lying around, I thought a Pumpkin Spice Body Lotion is a good way to use up the remainder of the pumpkin spice. So, I wanted to use up the remainder of the Pumpkin Spice stash I had at home. I have always like the way it smells and […] Read More

Yes, it is challenging to make a complete change to a natural lifestyle what with most of us leading a hectic lifestyle. But it isn’t really difficult to do a few simple changes that will give lasting benefits. You can start small, where it is easier for you. For example, you can start with your […] Read More

So, when you want to prepare a tinted body butter, it isn’t really tricky. Here’s a simple and easy recipe you can try. When you want to pamper your skin, or just moisturize and nourish it or even add some tint to it, you can do it with Body Butter. I wanted to keep the […] Read More

Getting something done for acne-prone or oily skin is quite challenging. It should be light, shouldn’t trigger acne-outbreaks or make skin more oily and most importantly, it should still do its job. Have I got everything covered? These were just a few things on my mind when I wanted to prepare a night cream that […] Read More

An outing in the sun does have its disadvantages – suntan, sunburn, etc. If you are looking for a soothing after-sun relief, a spritzer is a great choice. There are times when it is difficult to apply or massage your skin, especially if it is sunburn. Those times, a spritzer really does the job and […] Read More

There’s nothing wrong in pampering yourself, especially during the festive season. Is there? Try this aromatic and nourishing Rose Body Lotion to soothe your skin this winter. I have always loved the aroma of Rose, so it's no wonder that I decided to prepare a Rose scented Body Lotion this season. With all the hype […] Read More

Calendula is known for its healing properties and used as a salve for centuries. Want to prepare your very own Calendula Salve? We will look at the ingredients and preparation method, before we look into the benefits and uses of the salve. Calendula Petals / Flowers Beeswax – 30 Gm Sweet Almond Oil – ½ […] Read More

Have you ever used Arnica Cream? Arnica Cream can come in handy for bruises amongst other things, though it can also help with sore muscles, pains and sprains. We can take a look at the ingredients we need and how to prepare the cream first and then, we will learn more about the goodness of […] Read More

Is your skin dry or parched? Do you want to heal bruises, cuts, burns or wounds naturally? There are times when skin remains stubbornly dry, no matter what you do. This happens more during winter, or when I really have a lot of stuff to do with my hands – cleaning, utensils, etc. No matter […] Read More

Want a lotion that would keep winter skin blues at bay, so your skin can stay soft, supple and moisturized? During winter, skin gets dry easily. Not just dry, irritated and often, parched. If you run your nails along your skin gently and see white lines along the trail, your skin isn’t moisturized enough. We’re […] Read More