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When your skin looks yellow or sallow, you need a lilac corrector to look fresh as a daisy! Right? So, how do you do it ? There are times when skin can look sallow or yellow and it makes one look like they’re really tired or haven’t slept in a while. Using a concealer can […] Read More

I wanted to prepare a Cream Eye Shadow in stunning blue, for a special occasion. So, here’s how I did it. Basically, what I wanted was, a cream eye shadow that gives a rich finish and looks good. I also wanted it last a whole day, so thought I will go with a cream eye […] Read More

Want a subtle lip gloss for your day out? Have you considered an Apricot shade? If the “nude” makeup bug bit you, you will love this apricot lip gloss. It is a subtle way to get shinning and luscious lips, with a hint of golden shimmer. Let’s take a look at the ingredients first, shall […] Read More

So, we saw Peach / Orange Color Correcting Concealer recently. Today, it is the Green one! Ready? We all know Correctors are used for Correcting :D Well, when you have blemishes you can use correctors to neutralize them. Right? A green corrector is for neutralizing reds – so when you have a pimple, rosacea, port […] Read More

Color correctors are handy, when you want to fix a flaw that can’t just be handled with a foundation or concealer, alone. Dark Circles are a good example for this and peach corrector, is just what to need to camouflage it! Under eye circles can be due to various reasons – not enough sleep, stress, […] Read More

Don't like to wear lipstick? How about a Tinted Lip Balm? Like I have mentioned almost in every post, I don’t use makeup much! Particularly, lipstick as they come loaded with chemicals and I am quite wary especially it is easily ingested. That’s why I prefer Lip balms, when they’re tinted, it is all the […] Read More

Lip Stains are a great way to add some color to your lips. Do you know what’s better – they last longer. Here’s a Lip Stain Recipe that uses Hibiscus Flowers for coloring. Want to know how? Most women like to add some color to their lips. Don’t they? While I might be a fan […] Read More

Right, it looks like it is impossible to do it. But it is very much possible, and I would like to share how I did it with you all. Ready? First of all, there are different ways to do the Lip Liner. Some are easier, some aren’t. I am sharing one of the easier recipes, […] Read More

An easy but effective concealer, that works well when you are looking for light coverage and have a fair skin. This is a mineral based foundation recipe and offers mild coverage. Let’s take a look at the ingredients. Zinc Oxide – 1 ¼ Tsp. Sericite – 1 ¼ Tsp. Red Iron Oxide – 1 pinch […] Read More

Long and luscious lashes are everyone’s dream. There are many brands that claim to give us just that, with their Mascaras. But, what about the chemicals that go into it? What if you can prepare your own natural Mascara? Mascaras are sought after by women to darken, thicken, color, lengthen or curl their lashes. However, […] Read More