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Come festive season, some glitz and glamor is everybody’s idea. So, here’s how you can add some shimmer in your life this festive season! When you want to head out for an evening outing, for a date night, or a party, or just prepping up for the festive season, shimmer is a must have. So, […] Read More

We’ve been seeing more about applying makeup the right way. Here’s the next part of it, as promised. Makeup tools are often considered as a means to an end. It is right, but when you use the right tools, the results can be really good. While there are different types of brushes, sponges and tools, […] Read More

Vanishing Cream is a really popular product that was more known for its characteristic feature – vanishing right after application. It is ideal for those with oily skin, especially since this doesn’t leave a greasy or oily residue behind. But the moisturizing properties of vanishing cream is really good and the key reason why those […] Read More

We’ve already seen one way of preparing Kajal. Here’s another option using Ajwain Seeds. So, ready ladies? We all know eyes are considered the window of one’s soul. There’s a reason we all love to keep our eyes shinning, healthy and stunning. Besides, getting lost in one’s eyes isn’t a mere statement. Eyes convey a […] Read More

Wondering what to do about purple discoloration on your skin? This happens predominantly under your eyes – think dark circles. A little lemon corrector is what you need to fix that problem. Dark circles, as the name implies, are darkening of the skin right under your eyes. This usually happens when the blood vessels in […] Read More

With DIY trend picking up, everyone wants to make their own makeup and ditch the chemical-laden ones. We have been looking at a lot of different makeup and beauty recipes recently. We promised to add make-up bases so you can have a stash when you don’t have time to go through the exhaustive steps. So, […] Read More

When your skin looks yellow or sallow, you need a lilac corrector to look fresh as a daisy! Right? So, how do you do it ? There are times when skin can look sallow or yellow and it makes one look like they’re really tired or haven’t slept in a while. Using a concealer can […] Read More

I wanted to prepare a Cream Eye Shadow in stunning blue, for a special occasion. So, here’s how I did it. Basically, what I wanted was, a cream eye shadow that gives a rich finish and looks good. I also wanted it last a whole day, so thought I will go with a cream eye […] Read More

Want a subtle lip gloss for your day out? Have you considered an Apricot shade? If the “nude” makeup bug bit you, you will love this apricot lip gloss. It is a subtle way to get shinning and luscious lips, with a hint of golden shimmer. Let’s take a look at the ingredients first, shall […] Read More

So, we saw Peach / Orange Color Correcting Concealer recently. Today, it is the Green one! Ready? We all know Correctors are used for Correcting :D Well, when you have blemishes you can use correctors to neutralize them. Right? A green corrector is for neutralizing reds – so when you have a pimple, rosacea, port […] Read More