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There are times when you want to let go and have some fun, especially when kids are around. Here’s one such recipe for those who want to let loose or prepare something nice for kids. It is tough to get kids to do things that are good for them, isn’t it? This colorful body butter […] Read More

So, we all know cosmetics have loads of chemicals that can harm your health in the longer run. It is scary to think that they get absorbed into the body in a matter of few seconds. However, finding natural and chemical-free alternatives or cosmetics is challenging in most cases. They’re pricey and most have one […] Read More

Getting foundation right for Oily Skin is tough, isn’t it? Let’s prepare a foundation that works for Oily Skin shall we? Sericite – 1 Tbsp. Zinc Oxide – 1Tbsp. Starch – 1 Tbsp. Rice Powder – ½ Tbsp. Silica – ¼ Tsp. Calcium Carbonate – ¼ Tsp. White Kaolin Clay – ¼ Tsp. Yellow Iron […] Read More

You’ve painstakingly applied makeup and look good and ready to rock the world. How to retain it through the whole day? That’s where a setting powder comes into play. With an oily skin or combination skin, or when sweating profusely, makeup can often be washed out. I don’t like piling on stuff on my face […] Read More

So, do you want to prepare your own Bronzer using Mineral Makeup ingredients? Having taken to DIY, I try different recipes, ways and also tweak recipes from time to time. Not always are they a hit, but this one was a real hit. I have always wanted to prepare a Mineral Bronzer and with most […] Read More

So, we all love bronzer and winters are the time when we need them the most when sun isn’t out to play! Right? I wanted to try out a different variation of Bronzer, where I use clay instead of other ingredients. I wanted something that doesn’t have cinnamon, so for someone with sensitive skin like […] Read More

Hope you all enjoyed your Holidays and you're all ready to kickstart the New Year! In most cases, well-groomed brows go a long way in enhancing your looks. That’s why I like to use eyebrow filler from time to time. My eyebrows are thinner and often don’t catch a lot of attention. I have noticed […] Read More

So, want to rock the festive season like a pro? I wanted to try out a new eyeliner shade and decided on a Deep Red Liner this time around. I wanted to use mineral ingredients and keep the recipe simple, but effective. Needless to say, the results were good. So, want to know how to […] Read More

Want to highlight your face? Highlighting can bring out your features really well and when coupled with Smoky-eye look, really rocks. Have you heard of the term beach bunny? Beach bunny basically means a nice sun-kissed hue along one’s skin, due to hours soaking up the sun along the shore. It is a term that’s […] Read More

Want to prepare your own Lip Gloss without using artificial color pigments? What about beets? The luscious and catchy beetroot pigment is sure a treat for the sore eyes. I love the deep-pigmented maroon tint that beetroot has and the best part, it really goes well with most skin tones. We have all probably rubbed […] Read More