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Is your skin dull and lifeless lacking a youthful glow?
What can you do about dry skin with noticeable fine lines or wrinkles apparent on your forehead, on the side of your eyes and/or around the mouth area also known a smile lines? They call them facial lines but women in their 30’s and 40’s know these are the beginning of wrinkles…

Bring Back The Glow Instantly!

You can now easily bring Back the glow into Dull and lifeless Skin.
Aya Natural facial serum is just what you skin needs to look younger, restoring a healthy beautiful glow back into your skin to look vital, fresh & youthful…

Aya Natural Facial Serum Description:

AYA’s facial serum revives dull and lifeless skin by replenishing and restoring your skins healthy natural glow and beauty. Makes dull skin glow, noticeable even with the first application use.

This perfect blend of 100% natural ingredients of pure essential oils and plant extracts, give your skin all the nutrients it needs to get that youthful glowing radiance back or that you always desired.

Feed your skin the nutrients its lacking by just applying a few drops daily to your face and neck and improve your skins texture, elasticity, skin tone and clarity, while also reducing sagginess and fine lines…

Aya Natural Face Serum Key Benefits:

  1. Non-Greasy rich 100% natural facial serum absorbs rapidly into the skin. It doesn’t disappear completely, leaving instead a satiny finish to your skin.
  2. Instant Glow Finish – This unique vegan natural face serum feeds your skin all the healthy natural ingredients its lacking, leaving your skin revived rejuvenated, healthy and glowing. Makes even the worst dull skin glow, even with the first usage!
  3. Locks moisture into skin, making it an excellent makeup base before applying a moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation or concealer.

What Do People Say About the Aya Natural Face Serum?

The Aya Natural facial serum has an instant glow effect on even the dry dull skin. See below the testimony of Sandy about it:
“This serum makes my dull skin glow again. I never thought a serum could brighten up my face but this one does. Very light feeling and not sticky like others, brings back your natural glow. Very satisfied”

Aya Natural facial serum is the perfect base agent for an anti aging noticeable experience when combining with the Aya night cream, eye cream, anti aging cream and day moistirizing cream… See below Lisa’s experience:
“I’m very impressed with this serum! I’ve seen results in the softness and smoothness in my skin already!! I am using it in the morning before makeup and at night with the night cream. It seems to be evening out my skin tone too!!!”

How to use the Aya Natural Best Face Serum?

After thoroughly washing your skin, pat dry skin with a clean towel, then apply about 2-3 drops of serum to your fingertips and then apply to your face and neck, massaging gently in upward strokes until fully absorbed.
Can be used as a base for Aya Natural Moisturizing Day Cream, for Aya Natural Eye Cream, Aya Natural Night Cream, Aya Natural Anti Aging Smoothing Cream, sunscreen, or before you apply concealer or makeup.
Use every morning and every night to see a dramatic change in the texture of you skin – After 10 days results are highly noticeable, and you’ll forget even to apply your moisturizer!

Aya Natural 100% Natural Facial Serum Extra Tips:

For a complete treatment use together with Aya Natural eye cream and Aya Natural moisturizing day cream. The perfect 3 step ‘skin glow’ affect is combining these three products together. First apply AYA’s eye cream then when its fully absorbed apply AYA’s face serum, and when it’s fully absorbed complete with step 3 which is applying AYA’s moisturizing day cream. Step back in the mirror and notice 10 years taken off your skin and that beautiful glow…

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Aya Natural Best Face Serum