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Everyone wants to look young. Ageing gracefully is a reality and you have to do simple lifestyle changes to achieve it. Want to know more?

We have all admired people who look younger than their age, especially when it is natural. Don’t we? Of course, we know it is done with a dose of Botox or surgery! The truth is – looking graceful with age doesn’t take a lot of effort. Not only will you look and feel young, you will also be healthy and radiant.

Get Your Beauty Sleep!

First and foremost, sleep – there’s no working around this one! With a hectic lifestyle, sleep often takes a backseat. Even youngsters and elders alike, compromise on sleeping and go with 4 – 6 hours of sleep. That’s just not OK! You need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep, every night. If you don’t get enough rest, you will look years older than your age!

Moisturize, Moisturize & Moisturize!

Forget about anti-ageing products. Do you know moisturizing and sun protection are more important than anti-ageing products? Slather up on moisture and don’t forget to apply sun protection before heading out!

Say NO to Sleep Lines!

Do you know you shouldn’t sleep with your face pressed down into your pillow? Yes, sleep lines as they’re popularly called will become wrinkles later, so always, sleep with your face downwards.

No Harsh Products on your Skin!

Don’t use harsh cleansers or soaps that will leave your skin dry and dehydrated. Instead, go for mild, preferably soap-free cleansers to keep your skin soft and supple. Continued dryness and dehydration can make your skin look aged, sooner.


Nourishing your skin and nurturing it is important. We all know why sleep is important – that’s when our body repairs and rejuvenates itself. Same goes for skin – that means a good night regimen! Apply a nourishing and rejuvenating night cream or serum to help heal, repair and regenerate your skin. Isn’t that what anti-ageing all about?


Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles make you look aged. Do you know drinking enough water daily, getting enough rest and getting adequate nutrients keeps Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles at bay, often? Try and you will see, and when that doesn’t work, deal with them using home remedies 😉

Stay Healthy!

Food and Skin Health and interlinked. Want to delay or fight ageing skin signs? Consider getting a balanced meal, instead of take-always! Home cooked meals, even when simpler, are more nutritious and healthy!

Take Calcium!

Do you know Calcium Deficiency is linked to premature skin ageing? I am NOT saying you need a Calcium supplement, mind you! Just get enough Calcium from foodstuffs.


Exercise! Wondering why? Sedentary life accelerates ageing faster than anything else. SO, get moving!

Don’t Frown!

Repeated movements are known to cause fine lines that later become wrinkles – avoid it! Examples including frowning, squinting, etc. When you keep repeating those movements, related lines are inevitable.


Do you know your Teeth play a key role in how you look? A good pearly smile also brings down your age a notch! Take care of your teeth and retain that killer smile of yours!

Add Some Color to Your Platter!

Don’t forget – lots of veggies and fruits. Rich in nutrients and depending on the fruits and veggies you go for, beta carotene, Vitamin C and everything else you need for combatting free radicals that contribute to ageing are in fruits and veggies. Forget pricey supplements and think natural – all you need to do is, add some color to your platter!

Last but not the least – Relax, unwind and stay positive!

These are just a few tips that keep anti-ageing skin signs at bay! Stay tuned, for more skin care tips and DIY recipes for skin care and beauty.