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Want to highlight your face? Highlighting can bring out your features really well and when coupled with Smoky-eye look, really rocks.

Have you heard of the term beach bunny? Beach bunny basically means a nice sun-kissed hue along one’s skin, due to hours soaking up the sun along the shore. It is a term that’s used for tanned skin. If you dig that look, here’s a highlighter that you can use for getting that sun-kissed look on your face.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients, shall we?


Gold Mica – a pinch
Satin White Mica – a Smidgen
Satin Bronze Mica – a pinch
Satin Gold Mica – a pinch
Makeup Base – ½ pinch


Add all the ingredients to a mixing bowl.

Combine them mechanically for a minute or two.

Once fully combined and incorporated without any streaks, you’re done!

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

You can alter the constitution or ratio of the color pigments according to your skin and preferences.

If you don’t have make-up base handy, add in teensy tiny quantity of Zinc Oxide, Sericite, Magnesium Stearate and Kaolin Clay in the ratio of 2:6:1:1 respectively.

Who Can Use the Highlighter?

This goes well with medium – dark skin tones as a highlighter, or as a bronzer for those with pale skin.

How to Use the Highlighter?

As mentioned above, you can use this as your highlighter or bronzer, though it can also be used as an eye shadow. It is a pale cream – brown color and suits when you are going for a neutral or nude look – as an eye shadow.

If you are using this as an eye shadow, it suits all eye colors and any skin tone.

You can also use this as your lip color or for dusting your lips for a fuller look.

Why These Ingredients?

Mineral makeup is gaining popularity, as it doesn’t acne breakout or other issues even for those with oily, acne-prone or sensitive skin.

This is a very simple and easy recipe to follow. Like every other DIY recipe, this one is versatile and can be modified according to your taste and preferences.

Shelf Life

This is a small quantity and probably suitable for a couple of uses, at most. However, you can prepare smaller batches or larger ones based on your usage and preference and store it. As long as you store in airtight and sterilized containers and use it right – dry brushes or spatulas when removing it from the jar, it should last longer.

Go with the expiry date on the ingredients to get an idea of how long it will last. Most mineral makeup products last anywhere from a year to five years, depending on the ingredients used and their shelf life.

Feel free to let us know your feedback, request for recipes you want us to cover, or for any doubts or clarifications regarding our tips or recipes. Don’t have time for DIY Recipes? Try Gaya Cosmetics for your beauty requirements. Their mineral makeup products are of the highest quality, hypoallergenic and prepared using organic mineral ingredients. They have a broad range of beauty products including accessories like brushes and what not! Wish you all a Blessed and Happy Christmas 🙂